BUG (Back Up Gun) match results, April 14, 2018 at AGC

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BUG (Back Up Gun) match results, April 14, 2018 at AGC

Post by Wlktheduk » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:23 pm

We had our annual Back Up Gun (BUG) match Saturday, April 14. Good weather, if a little windy sometimes. (wind gusts explain some of my -3 hits, right) It can be interesting to see what we can and cannot do with our pocket rockets, belly guns, and snubbies sometimes. Thanks for sharing info on what guns you used for the match.

BUG Auto

73.62 Jay Boggs (Glock 26) 2nd run
99.02 Brian New (S&W M&P Shield)
107.03 Jay Boggs (Ruger LCP .380) 1st run
110.90 Mike Hellard (Glock 43)
115.64 Doug Hodges (Glock 43)
123.39 Paul Estler (Taurus GT111)
125.78 Ed Boley (Sig P938)
130.41 Steve Sturgill (Glock 26)
133.47 Gary Stevens (Glock 43)
134.81 Randy Jones (Ruger LC9)
163.80 Sam Oliver (Kimber Ultra Carry)
199.04 Jeff Taylor (Taurus PT145)

BUG Revolver

108.91 Bob Warfield (Ruger SP101) 2nd run
116.69 Bob Warfield (Ruger SP101) 1st run
121.03 Mike Hellard (S&W 649)
125.26 Pete Landfried (S&W 442)
161.44 Mikel Boone (S&W 442)
165.59 Roger Droddy (S&W 640)

and then there were some other scores...

SSP: 102.13 Paul Estler (Glock 17)
NFC/Carry Optics: 77.29 Ed Boley (Sig 320)

I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves. The next IDPA match will be Saturday, June 9.
Thanks. Mike

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Re: BUG (Back Up Gun) match results, April 14, 2018 at AGC

Post by creekerdoug » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:44 pm

Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting. It’s always a good idea to see just how your carry gun (and you) perform under a little artificial pressure. I think we’ve proved, again, that Glock is always the correct answer for just about everything pistol related.

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