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Steel Challenge

Post by Gary Stevens » Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:07 pm

We will be shooting our first Steel Challenge type match on July 21, 2018. The match will start at 1030 AM.

You may shoot multiple guns, time permitting. Each gun shot will be $5.00 and 6 stages will be shot. 5 runs per stage with the best 4 runs to count for score. It will take 155 rounds minimum to shoot 1 gun on all six stages.

All shooting will be from a stationary position, gun in hand pointed at a 7 inch cone placed in front of the shooter, safety may be off but finger must be out of the trigger guard.

Division are:

Centerfire iron sights
Centerfire optics
Rimfire pistol iron sights
Rimfire pistol optics
Rimfire rifle iron sights
Rimfire rifle optics
Revolver ????

Some of our steel is soft. Major power factor guns such as 38 Super, major 9, etc. may damage the steel. Less is appreciated👍

Bring your children, wife, girl friend, new CCW shooters, etc. out and have a good time.

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