IDPA Match Scores, June 15, 2019

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IDPA Match Scores, June 15, 2019

Post by Wlktheduk » Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:04 pm

I'd like to start by recognizing Steve Sturgill. Steve has been one of the founders of Ashland Gun Club Practical Division, a Club Officer, competitor, stage designer, set up and worker bee and a force behind the USPSA, IDPA, AR 15 and every other type of match that we've enjoyed at Ashland Gun Club since the early 1980's. Saturday marked the end of a chapter of Steve's involvement in the shooting sports, as he and Janice are moving to Bowling Green KY. It's been a honor and a pleasure to shoot with Steve. Thanks again for everything. (and your membership in "The Usual Suspect's" will continue)

Along with the cake, at least some of us had a very good time at the ranges Saturday. And some of us still believe in the hoodoo spells that may have been cast upon the 1911's by a dearly departed member...thanks Doug, wherever you are.

122.82 Josh Lawson
137.09 Mike Hellard
138.34 Jason Bash
153.30 Vic Kersey
155.01 Tim Strader
173.28 Jeff Miller
190.41 John Myers

135.39 Jay Boggs (2nd run)
142.65 Jay Boggs
151.21 Mike Hellard
160.49 Paul Estler
189.94 Roger Droddy
233.08 Sam Oliver

131.16 Tom Johnson
153.75 Gary Stevens
153.86 Rick Rose
166.89 Steve Sturgill
227.24 Gary Taylor

REVOLVER (Stock and Enhanced)
168.49 Bob Warfield (.44 magnum)
174.73 Bob Warfield (.38)
179.37 Paul Estler (.38)
189.11 Tom Johnson (.45acp)

150.07 Jack Shields

119.50 Ed Boley

As always, our thanks to everyone who came out and played, helped score, tape, setup and take down. Without help, these matches don't happen.

The next IDPA match is August 24 (Saturday)
Start time will be 10 AM
Hope to see you out at the ranges. Mike

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Re: IDPA Match Scores, June 15, 2019

Post by tompac » Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:21 pm

As always thanks to all who help with these matches. It’s always a good time shooting with this group.

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